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January 2018

Mercury Safe Dentist
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Why is it Vital to find a Mercury Safe Dentist?

Whenever you are looking for a good doctor, you want to have someone who is skilled and experienced at what they do. In addition, you also want them to be using safe practices in their treatments, don’t you?

When it comes to dentistry, one of the safest choices dentists can make while treating patients is to use mercury-safe (amalgam free) fillings.

Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Traditionally, for tooth decay treatment, dentists use a silver filling known as amalgam. The decay is removed and the gap is filled with amalgam which is essentially mercury that is melted and applied into the gap.

The vapor released during this process is hazardous for the patient as well as others in the treatment room. This can also create problems related to mercury toxicity.

The mercury-free or mercury-safe dentistry doesn’t use silver amalgam filling, rather uses a composite filling for tooth decay. This composite filling eliminates the risk of mercury toxicity and is better for the overall health of the patient.

Benefits of Mercury-Safe Dentistry

  • Less Invasive

Compared to traditional amalgam fillings, mercury-safe fillings are less invasive. Amalgam fillings are known to damage healthy tooth tissues, tooth structure and may even fracture the tooth. But the composite fillings not only preserve the tooth structure, but also strengthen the roots of the teeth.

  • Last Long

Mercury-safe fillings last as long as or even longer than amalgam fillings. Composite fillings have been found to work better and longer against primary tooth decay in children.

  • Requires Same Time

Mercury- safe fillings do not take longer than amalgam fillings to place.

  • More Effective

Mercury- safe fillings can help prevent carries which amalgam fillings don’t. composite fillings also help in preventive measures like adjacent pits’ sealing.

  • Easy to Repair

Mercury- safe fillings can be more easily repaired than amalgam. They allow localized repairs during the initial placement.

  • Safer

Mercury-safe fillings are safer than amalgam fillings for healing. They are also safer for the environment.


Single Tooth Dental Implants
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Benefits of Single Tooth Dental Implants

Most adults start losing teeth by the time they are seniors. Apart from being a cosmetic issue, a missing or extracted tooth involves many other issues. Those who have lost a tooth or need a tooth extraction soon, single-tooth dental implants are a highly effective replacement option.

Your teeth not only help you eat, but also aid speech. The roots of the teeth run deep into the jaws and skull, stimulating the bone. The absence of a tooth results in an absence of this stimulation and eventually, weakening of bone. This is why missing teeth are followed by facial deformities, tooth decay and gum disease.

Dentures may be able to help with some of these problems, but not all.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most popular tooth loss treatment. A titanium rod is anchored into the jaw in the hole left by the natural tooth. A small device, that acts as a “saddle” for the crown, is attached to the top of the rod. Crowns are customized for the patient such that they perfectly match the other natural teeth.

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

The primary reason for the huge popularity of the single-tooth dental is the exceptionally thorough screening process. Your dentist will go through your medical history and examine your gums to rule out any serious oral health issues.

The single-tooth dental implant procedure can typically be performed in around an hour. The implant is anchored into the bone. Once the bone has attached to the implant, the crown is attached to complete the treatment.

With careful aftercare, the crown may last for 15 years or longer but the rod itself should last for the patient’s entire life.

Single-tooth dental implants enable patients to eat, speak and smile with confidence once again.

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