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Laser Root Canal Therapy

What does laser energy do to improve root canal therapy outcomes? Well, it’s partly chemistry and partly physics. Quite simply, the erbium 2940 µm wavelength of laser energy generated by the Fotona Lightwalker Laser vaporizes any solution that contains water, including the chemicals used to disinfect the root canal system. This phenomenon is known as “PIPS”, or “Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming” dramatically causes tiny micro-explosions in the various chemicals that are used to disinfect the main canal system AS WELL as the problematic side, or lateral canals, essentially creating a vortex that lifts bacteria and dead tissues out of the root canal system. This scenario is far more effective than simply exposing the root canal system to the chemistry alone or in combination with ultrasonics usage. When properly used, the lased root canal system is far cleaner, and as close to sterile as modern dental medicine can accomplish, increasing the likelihood of a successful clinical outcome. The PIPS phenomenon was discovered just over 10 years ago by Drs. Mark Colonna and Enrico DiVito, who jointly spent many years researching and publishing their findings for the world to see. A viable option for the more holistic-minded dental patient who is concerned about latent bacterial infection in the side and lateral canals of teeth, laser-assisted root canal therapy is a seriously viable option. Dr. Nick Yiannios has offered PIPS laser-assisted root canal therapy for his patients in his Northwest Arkansas dental practice for many years, and wouldn’t practice endodontic therapy without it!

PIPS laser-assisted root canal therapy being performed by Dr. Nick.

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