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How Important are Dental implants?

How Important are Dental implants?

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A dental implant is a small yet extremely strong, screw made up of a titanium alloy. It is used to replace damaged or missing natural teeth. The implant is placed surgically by drilling into the jawbone. The screw firmly connects the artificial teeth to the jaw.

Implants are commonly used to replace missing teeth but they can also be used to provide support to removable dentures.

Here is a look at why dental implants are important for many people.


Even one missing tooth can make a person extremely self-conscious about appearance as well as affect the confidence. This, in turn, may affect your work and personal life. There is no difference, in appearance, between a tooth with a dental implant and a natural one. So, dental implants can help to boost the patient’s overall confidence.

Oral Health

Losing a tooth disturbs the balance in the dental structure. The gap left by a tooth may cause neighboring teeth to shift. This could lead to further oral problems, such as bone loss. Dental implants can solve this problem.


A single hard bit of food coming in-between an exposed molar root and the neighboring tooth can be uncomfortable, even painful. Losing your ability to properly chew can prevent you from enjoying food. Dental implant can change that.

However, it is important that the procedure is carried out by a skilled and experienced dental implant expert. The good news is that dental implants have a success rate over 95%.

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