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Early August 2017

Over the past 2 weeks, Dr. Nick has welcomed foreign patients from 3 different continents seeking answers and for with their dental issues…: Quebec, Canada; Sydney Australia, and Brussels, Belgium! Oh, and he also saw close to 100 local patients from around AR, MO and OK during that same time frame as well!

Mid July 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  lectures at Marquette University complimenting Dr. Mark Piper’s lecture on the sympathetic nervous systems influence upon dental medicine, occlusion, and TMD.  Dr. Nick’s topic:  Neural Occlusion screening-displaying the supreme importance of 3D imaging to aid in the diagnosis of bite and TMD disorders (MRI and CBCT imaging) plus the importance of arriving at a proper diagnosis prior to the implementation of treatment for TMD patients.

Early July 2017

Dr. Nick   Yiannios  adds the only Solea dental laser presently in the state of Arkansas to the practice. This recently FDA approved tech allows him to do fillings on baby and adult teeth typically without local anesthetic! Wicked cool tech ? Patients are calling from afar for this one!

Late June 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  spends more time with one of the CNO Board Members, Dr. Mark Piper in Florida, so that they may both prepare complimentary lecture material for their upcoming lectures at Marquette University later this month.

Mid June 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  gives the second Center for Neural Occlusion course and lecture of the year at his office in Rogers (CNO headquarters). Of note, a dentist traveled from Japan to train with Dr. Nick  Yiannios  this time!

Early June 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  is on the podium lecturing to the Mississippi Dental Association during their annual meeting. The topic: “Measured Occlusion & Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity”.

Late May 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  becomes the first and only dental practitioner to become SMART certified in Arkansas by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) so that he may better provide mercury safe care for those holistic dental patients who seek him out from all over this part of the country.

Mid May 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  and two others publish again in The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice about the T-Scan digital bite analyzer.

Early May 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  adds a Mercury Vapor Analyzer to his practice. The same type of instrumentation used in industry to identify and track trace amounts of mercury. Why? To better understand and circumvent the dangers associated with the removal of mercury amalgam fillings for his patients, his staff, and himself!

Mid March 2017

A new record! Patients have traveled as far as 9,000 miles to see Dr. Nick  Yiannios  until this month when someone broke the record… A young woman travels from Perth, Australia to see Dr. Nick in Rogers for an objective and measured opinion on her confounding TMD and bite problems; 10,000+ miles away!

Early March 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  continues his Botox and fillers certification earning CME certification from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

January 2017

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  spends a week with Dr. Mark Piper, the world famous TMJ surgeon, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. Nick and Dr. Piper are working together in regards to both of their respective teaching centers, Dr. Piper’s PERC and Dr. Nick’s CNO. Additionally, one of Dr. Nick’s patients from Rogers is being operated on by Dr. Piper this week, so Dr. Nick scrubbed in for that TMJ surgery.

Late November 2016

Well. The “Best of the Best” in Northwest AR results are in. We are runner ups/top 2. Funny thing is, the practice that won first place has 6 dentists spread over 5 locations, and the other practice that we tied with has 4 dentists in 1 location. We are just 1 dentist in 1 location. I wonder who really won that one?! Not bad for only having been in AR for a little over a year ?

Mid November 2016

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  hosts his CNO Board of Advisors at his office for their first annual meeting. Docs traveled from as far away as Brazil for this meeting!

Early November 2016

Dr. Nick  Yiannios , Dr. Robert Kerstein, and Mr. John Radke publish the formal paper on the phenomenon that Dr. Nick  Yiannios discovered in The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.

August 2016

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  formally launches his Center for Neural Occlusion (CNO) teaching and training organization. The CNO is designed to teach all sorts of health care providers about the human bite and TMD issues. Dr. Nick has surrounded himself with some of the most legitimate doctors, engineers, researchers and dentists in the world to help direct the organization.

July 2016

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  lectures at the Bioresearch Annual meeting. The topic on the podium? “Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity and DTR Therapy”.

July 2015

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  opens the doors to his new practice in Rogers, Arkansas…finally – after 2 years of planning!

June 2015

Our new office in Rogers, Arkansas will be opening on July 27, 2015 and the Branson, Missouri office will be closing on July 22, 2015. Appointments for the Arkansas location are now being accepted! This month, Dr. Nick  Yiannios  lectured alongside Dr. Robert Kerstein at the BioResearch Technologies Annual conference in Milwaukee. The topic: the efficacy of using DTR to optimize patient care in a general practice setting. Dr. Nick, as co-author of the recently released 1st edition dental textbook on digital occlusal analysis in dental medicine, was honored for his contribution to the textbook at this same conference.

May 2015

Update on our new Rogers, Arkansas dental office building: we are officially in the dry! At this rate, the dental practice will be open in NWA by late July 2015…!

April 2015

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  has 3 international patients travel to see him this month! One from Canada, one from England, and one from Malta (a southern European country located between Italy and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea).

March 2015

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  uploads the 57th live patient documentation online to our drnickdds YouTube channel! 57 separate patients from all over the country whom we have treated, have volunteered to help spread the word re what we’re doing with our TMD treatments! Many of these patients no longer have any TMD symptoms to speak of, such as temporal headaches, hypersensitive teeth, upper neck and shoulder tension, etc. People have flown here from as far away as 8,000 miles to see us to date for our Neural Occlusion/DTR TMD treatment protocols (South Africa is the furthest locale to date).

January 2015

Dr. Nick’s  Yiannios  chapter in the first edition dental textbook entitled, “The handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine” is published by IGI Global.

December 2014

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  spends several days with Dr. Mark Piper, a world-renowned oral and maxillofacial and TMJ surgeon, learning personally from him MRI 3-D imaging interpretation. Very few dentists ever delve this far into imaging. The MRI protocol will be added to Dr. Nick’s current CT protocols that he already uses (as needed).

November 2014

Dr. Nick  Yiannios  orders a second CEREC CAD/CAM for the practice to enable him to provide his same day crowns even more efficiently. One CAD/CAM unit is no longer enough-we’re too busy!


An editorial is written about Dr. Nick Yiannios D.D.S. in the Branson Tri-Lakes News.

Dr. Nick explains the importance of dental visits at any age.

An editorial regarding the importance of regular checkups.

Dr. Nick answers the question “What’s wrong with my bite?”

A article Dr. Nick created for other dental professionals.

Dr. Nick explains the usage of joint vibration analysis for TMJ analysis in his dental practice.

Dr. Nick describes the huge advantages of CAD/CAM all-ceramic crowns over traditional crowns.

A Detailed review on the causes and treatments of sensitive teeth.

Dr. Nick brings a safer, more effective type of dental-x-ray machine to Branson.


Dr. Nick has earned fellowship and accredited status in the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry.


January 2014

Dr. Nick begins placing dental implants with the unbelievable precision and predictability afforded him via the 3D CBCT technology/CADCAM digital interface.

December 2013

Another aspiring dental student who spent over a year shadowing Dr. Nick is accepted into UMKC Dental School.  Congratulations to the C of O student Matt Buswell!

October 2013 

A dental patient suffering from chronic TMD issues travels all the way from South Africa to Missouri for Dr. Nick to treat him with his unique approaches to dental occlusion and TMD/TMJ problems!  We have seen patients come to us from all over the country for this unique TMD treatment, but never from the other side of the world!

September 2013

Dr. Nick begins aiding Dr. Robert Kerstein, the editor of a soon to be released dental textbook on dental occlusion, by peer reviewing other contributing authors from all over the globe.

August 2013 

Dr. Nick finishes his contribution to the new textbook on dental occlusion.  His 70 page long contribution to the 1st edition textbook, Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine, identifies and offers a predictable treatment for a never before documented, routinely seen, and unique dental pathology to the dental profession, Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity.

June 2013 

Dr. Nick adds 3D computerized dental imaging, or Cone Beam Technology (CBCT) to the practice.  This technology allows him to see problems and pathology that cannot be gleaned from even the finest, 2D digital dental x-rays, allows for micron-accurate placement of dental implants, and even meshes with his CADCAM technology.  Very amazing stuff!

February 2013

Dr. Nick is asked by Dr. Robert Kerstein, the world’s authority on digital occlusion, to write a chapter in an upcoming dental tetbook to be released in 2014. The topic: Computerized occlusal analysis and the treatment of dental hypersensitivity.

January 2013

Dr. Nick publishes a peer-reviewed dental article on CAD/CAM technology in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD).

September 2012 

Dr. Nick brings dental electromyography to Branson. This EMG equipment lets him study and measure muscular force generated by the chewing muscles and compliments his Tscan equipment, letting him more effectively identify and treat muscular related TMJ disorders.

May 2012

Dr Nick adds joint vibration analysis technology to his repertoire of hi-tech diagnostic equipment. This tech uses waveform algorithms to help diagnose problems within the TMJ’s.

November 2011

Dr Nick moves the practice from Ridgedale to Branson over Thanksgiving holiday. We miss our old building but love our new one!

September 2011

To better serve our patients, our office will be moving from Ridgedale to Branson in November of 2011. The new location will be at Hwy 65 and Bee Creek, on the East side feeder in the Corporate Summit building, next door to Akers and Arney Insurance which is located 1/8 of a mile south of the Branson Jr. High School. We are excited about our move into the new, state of the art facility!

August 2011

Jon Jacoby leaves us to begin dental school at UMKC. Good luck Jon!

July 2011

Dr. Nick welcomes Devin Lindsey, RDH as our new dental hygienist.

August 2010

Cody Thress begins dental school at UMKC and Dr. Nick welcomes another aspiring dentist, Jon Jacoby to the practice. Good luck with school Cody!

July 1st, 2010

Congrats to Dr. Nick for having passed the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s written exam!

April 2010

Dr. Nick attends the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s annual scientific conference in Texas. He takes the written examination which is the first step in the process to becoming accredited within the Academy. Only 300 Dentist’s in North America hold this distinction.

March 2010

Dr. Nick places new signage out in front of his office as patients have traditionally had trouble finding his office out in the woods!

February 2010

Dr. Nick hires a new hygienist, Jill Agre RDH.

January 2010

Dr. Nick is awarded the distinction of Accredited in the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry. He is the 4th dentist in North America to be awarded this distinction which acknowledged proficiency in the fabrication of cosmetically superior dental restorations with the usage of the computerized CAD/CAM technology.

November 2009

Dr. Nick’s office goes completely digital.

July 2009

Dr. Richard Steinberg, President of the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry, asks Dr. Nick to serve as a voting Board member for the international dental organization.

May 2009

Dr. Nick is awarded the distinction of Fellowship in the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry. He is the 5th dentist in North America to be awarded this distinction.

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