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Isolite® Dentist

The Isolite® Dentist-a MUST for modern dental treatments!

Isolite® Dentist. What is so important about a soft, plastic block that creates a vacuum, pours oodles of fiberoptic light upon the operative field for better visualization, and comfortably fits in your mouth during dental treatment?  Modern dental materials are typically tooth-colored porcelains or composites (white fillings), and they both share one characteristic:  they require a dry field for optimum fusion/bonding to tooth structure.  Even the humidity in ones breath can compromise this dry field requirement, let alone any saliva that might enter the procedural field.  Enter the Isolite®, a single use, disposable, fiber optically lit, dry field technology that helps to ensure predictable modern restorative dental treatment.  The vacuum (which envelopes an entire half of the mouth) also expedites dental treatment by keeping the cheeks and tongue out of the way, so that the dentist can accomplish more treatment per unit time so that the patient spends less time in the dental practice.  Additionally, when old mercury amalgam fillings are removed in the course of dental treatment, the vacuum theoretically helps serve to protect both the patient and dental personnel from the toxic mercury vapors created upon its removal, since the powerful vacuum envelopes the entire perimeter of the tooth being worked on.

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